Newborn metrics

Lots of people have newborn metrics for their babies. So I wanted have it too for my son. On the market you can see many designs to choose and buy, but I wanted to do something on my own – full handmade, not printed. The result of it you can see below.

My son has name Artur. This name comes from celtic language as a joint of two words: Art – bear and ur – young, beautiful. That’s why I painted a little bear.

On the moon I wrote some features of character connected with the name and to be honest all of them match to him. He is active, impatient, shy, dynamic, inventive and he walks its own paths.

Except the name and features of character there is also date of birth, time of birth, weight, height and name of city when he was born.

To create it I used watercolours and pen. All on paper sized A4 and framed.

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