About us

Monika Shemel

Monika lives and creates in Cracow (Poland). Her talent was noticed in early childhood. She won a few local art competitions in elementary school. In that time she loved painting animals.

She is a self-taught artist. She believes that art is from oneself. During her own journey of learning, she has moved through many different phases. She has worked with oils, watercolors, dry chalks, pencils, pastels, and others. She has painted, made jewelry and sculpted with cake, but art had always been a hobby.

Monika decided to continue her development with painting. She believes that each technique has its own unique taste and depth, which is why she often painted the same object using different techniques. Thanks to this she learned how to implement designs, which come to her head. Most of all Monika likes to work with dry chalks, oil pastels or oil paints, but she still keeps experimenting with other mediums. She loves reflected light, sunlit surfaces, shadows, and contrasts.

As an adult, she estimates values of properties for a living and pours her heart and soul into painting as a hobby. The life that goes on around her, the places she’s been, or the times she’s lived through are reflected in her paintings. You can find her old and new paintings on this website.

Dzmitry Shemel

Dzima is a web developer (former teach of Computer science and Computer Graphics). His hobbies are digital art and boardgames\wargames (“Every mini must be painted!”).

Dzima is also familiar with brushes and paints. Attended to art classes, painted with acrylics and oil.

Nowadays painting for Dzmitry is a hobby heavily mixed with miniature wargaming.

You only count painted miniatures till hundred… ” – says Dzima, and he has already done several armies of Undead hordes and Eleven warriors of the Groove…

Dzima also develops himself as a 3D artist and animator. He has a dream of creating a short movie of full-scale sea warfare in times of the dark apocalyptic world.