Carousel of hearts

This surrealistic drawing is the next from collection “Love”. The art presents a carousel of hearts.

Of course this drawing like others has some symbolism inside and other meaning. The carousel symbolise monotony of our life. Single people who are looking for partners, they do it in the same way and makes usually the same mistakes. That’s way they are circling in circle around and around. This same mistakes cause the same results. In every circle there are better and worst periods but nothing is changed. And suddenly sunshine comes and gives some sun rays to help people awake from this situation. But most people don’t see this sun and they are circling again.

To change your life at first we have change myself or at least change our thinking, break the schemes. That’s the only way to escape from the carousel.

If you have some advise or thought about this drawing, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

soft pastels
size: A3

Fast drawings on holiday

Last two weeks (11-25.03) I relaxed with my family on Fuerteventura, where I created five fast drawings. All of it I was inspired environment and events we experienced there. But before I started describe every drawing I give you some facts about this place.

Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It is located near north-western coast of Africa. It is second largest of the Canary Islands, after Tenerife, and it belongs politically to Spain. We were on the south of this beautiful island in the city Morro Jable. Temperature in March during our visit was between 23 to 27 degrees Celsius and it was windy, so perceptible temperature was about 20 degrees.

When I packed at home I knew I won’t spend all day to drawing or painting so I took just graphite pencils and 12 basic colours of oil pastels. I thought it will be enough. I usually use more colours when I draw by oil pastels but I didn’t want to take it all because my luggage would be to heavy.

First fast drawing which I was created was a portrait of giraffe’s head. I saw this photo on flyer on Oasis Park in Fuerteventura. I used oil pastels. The result you can see below.

It was first time when I realised I’m not used to such a small numbers of colours of my pastels. I tried to mixed them but still I felt the lack of colours.

Fast drawing no. 2 presents a windy palm tree. It was the view from our room in the hotel so I sat on the terrace and decided to draw it. I thought that second drawing drew by oil pastels will be better but in there I also felt twelve colours is definitely too small to draw it in proper way. But I started so I did my best to finish it.

The photo on the right you can see a real windy palm tree but below you can see my drawing of it.

After three days our son got a cold. He has a fewer and a cough. I don’t know when he get sick – maybe in airplane or maybe on the island. It is hard to say, but during fewer he usually is sleepy and very querulous. I try almost everything to help him to his mood was better. So I gave him my sketchbook and a pencil to make him curious. And he started to draw.

The result of his fun you can see in the photo on the left. He is 1,5 years old so he got bored after ten minutes but during this time he stopped thinking how bad he feels and even smile to us. When he finished I decided to use his art. I think it is very good idea for improving oneself creativity. I wonder and I decided it will be some flowers on the meadow. My correction of his art you can see below. That’s how fast drawing no. 3 titled “Wildflowers” was created.

This drawing and two next was made by graphite pencils. I really likes colours but not just twelve.

Next fast drawing no. 4 presents a skeleton of the sperm whale. The real photo you can see on the right. This skeleton in real is in Morro Jable. The animal is one of biggest on the world and the biggest predator. It is in danger of extinction. The name of this whale is connected with a half-liquid substance
found within the whale’s head called spermaceti which looks like a sperm. This substance is used in pharmaceutical industry.

Below you can see my drawing of this skeleton.

The last drawing no. 5 I started to draw in a hotel but I finished it in airplane, when my son was napping.

In the photo on the right you can see the Morro Jable lighthouse on Fuerteventura. It is situated at the edge of the beach and it is the highest lighthouse in the Canaries – 59 meters. In my opinion it is the most recognizable building in Morro Jable.

Below you can see my drawing of it. I know it is little crooked. It is not easy to draw in airplane – little shaking and not enough place.

I hope you enjoy my drawings. Which do you like the best? Share with me your opinion in comment.

Frozen heart

I had a perfect idea for drawing. I wanted to draw a frozen heart in a cage. Sunlight warmed this heart and it started melting. A swallow on the cage is a symbol of thaw and spring.

The artwork is a message that every heart even the most broken can still love and be loved because good is coming after bad.

I think the idea was very good but my skills of drawing aren’t as good as I thought. In my head it looks better. The result you can see below.

If you have some advise or thought about this drawing, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

soft pastels
Size: A4

Love is all around

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I really wanted to share with you my new painting but I hadn’t finished it. Now my painting is done so you can see it now.

The painting presents typically rural landscape near the sea. If you look deeper you can see some unnatural details like grain balls heart-shaped, also trees, stones on the path and clouds are heart-shaped. So love is all around during the day and …

… during the night, because some parts of the art are glowing in the night.

I used some uv paints. This is my first time when I used this kind of paint and I still have it so I think I will use it again in my future artwork.

Technique: acrylic on stretched canvas + uv pigment (edges painted). Size: 30×40 cm

Love potion

Valentine’s Day almost here. This is next art from collection “Love”. The first was drawing “Looking for love”.

The art presents illegal production of love potion somewhere in the dark forest. The potion is boiled in cauldron and it is almost ready. The floating around vapors with bubbles are so intensive, cat that walks its own paths, decided to check what’s happening. It is walking and staring into the vapors.

When you look at the painting you wonder does the love potion even exists? Some very old sources say that woman, who want the other man love her, has to add her menstrual blood to man’s beverage. I think it’s disgusting and I couldn’t look at the man who is drinking such thing. To be honest I don’t know any person who did something like that, so I cannot confirm is it really working.

On the other hand love potion prepared in this way or another acts as drag or alcohol? Temporary action and when it is expelled from the body a man has a hangover. Or maybe it acts like a virus or and his action is permanent and cannot be removed?

Technique: acrylic on stretched canvas. (edges painted). Size: 30×40 cm

Looking for love

In two weeks we will be celebrating a Valentine’s Day. Lovers will spend time together but not everyone will celebrate this day. Some people are trying to find love but they don’t have a luck.

This drawing is a massage for all single people that love can be found everywhere, all you need is to do first step. Like the fisherman who cast a fishing rod.

Butterfly in space – acrylic on canvas

One week ago I draw a picture in the same title, but I used different medium. The link to this post is here. It was soft pastels and charcoal on paper, but in this painting below I used acrylic paints. As you can see can see colours are little different. I also changed orientation: from vertical to horizontal.

I also painted edges, so the painting doesn’t need to be framed. Which one version do like more: soft pastels or this one?

Size: 30×40 cm

Dream toy

In the picture below you can see a boy laying on the pillow and kissing his favourite toy – locomotive.

To be honest I have never had a toy like this, probably because i’m a girl. I remember my brother had but he didn’t want to share with me his toys. But I really wanted to draw a classic steam locomotive. The shape of locomotive always seems to me very interesting.

I used oil pastels to draw this. I have to confess when I drawing I put next layer of pastel on the existing one. Sometimes I have a few layers and the next layer doesn’t want to look good. In this situation I use a razor blade to scratch some layers and put proper colour. This is my little secret.