Newborn metrics for girl

I created newborn metrics for my daughter Urszula.

A name Urszula comes from latin from word ursa which means she-bear. Thats why in the picture I painted bear-ballerina.

In the same style I added features of character typical for woman with the name Urszula: responsible, ambitious, independent, dynamic, happy and outgoing.

All made by watercolours on paper sized A4 and framed.

Grandparents days

Soon we will celebrate Grandmother Day and Grandfather Day. In different countries this Days are celebrated in different dates. In Poland it is 21st January – Grandmother Day, and 22nd January – Grandfather Day.

If you don’t know what to give your grandparents, I can offer you buying one of my artworks. Every bought artworks is framed like on the photo below. If you are interested, more information in e-mail.