Dragon claw

I still try to draw perfect 3d image. I continue fantasy topic and I painted dragon claw escaping from the different world behind the wall. I still work on perfect shadow. I don’t know what’s wrong here but I feel it still doesn’t look great. I still will keep trying.

This painting is made by acrylic paints on paper size A3.

Dragon eye and dragon claw

This is the first time when I tried to draw in 3D. I know not everything is perfect, especially a claw is too small in a scale to an eye. But I’m sure I will be still training so I believe next time it will be better. This is also first time when I used watercolour pencils. It was gift from my husband and I had to try them because I am not afraid of using new media.

This drawing is also a preapration for something higher but before I decide to it I have to train a lot.

I hope you like it. If you have some advices or clues, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.