The Lion King

Lately everybody could see a movie in cinemas “The Lion King” – it is a remake a very popular Disney’s animation movie from 90’s. That was an inspiration to paint as below.

To be honest when I painted it I didn’t see yet the newest movie about this same title.

I think it look nice and in my opinion this is first painting made in 2019 on stretched canvas which I really like. I hope next painting also will be great for me.

I hope you enjoy it.

Size 40×40 cm

Golden Phoenix

Below you can see my drawing of Golden Phoenix.

For these who don’t know phoenix is a mythical bird – a symbol of sun, new life and eternal rebirth. According to legend phoenix arrived to Egypt where it burned and regenerate from ashes.

Drawing was made of soft pastels on paper 8,5×11 inch. I hope you enjoy it!