The witcher – preparing for season 2 tv seria

All fans of the witcher knows that season two of popular tv seria we will be able to watch on netflix from 17.12.2021.

To feel the spirit of coming season I painted something related to. Below you can see two images one with frame ready to hang and without frame – pure picture. Hope you like it.

As you can see picture shows three places: Kaer Morhen, The Tower of Swallow and Brokilon. Acrylic on paper (size A3), signature low right corner.

Going big – final effect

My big project is already finished and now you can see result of it.

I think it is enormous!!! It has 180cm x 100 cm, varnished and it is hanging on main wall in living room between two lamps. I look at it every day and I’m proud of myself I finished it and I like it so much.

Do you see some details which I added from previous time? Yes/no? Of course – it is third tree next to gate and people in windows. You thought it is abonded city? Suprise! – it is not, in this fantasy city people live and are happy – probably.

Some question which some people asked me about it and I am happy to answer it:

  1. Why grayscale? It is enormous so maybe colorfull will be better? – Colorfull would be overwhelming. Beside all my home is in black-white-gray colours with some yellow accent so colours was chosen to fit to the apartment.
  2. What polar bear is doing there? – I think this is the question which everyone asks yourself. The answer is – polar bear has a function to the art recipient stopped in front of this painting at the very moment and asked yourself exactly this question. The polar bear make you wonder what about is this art.

If you have more questions about this painting – don’t hesitate to ask.

Going big VI – more houses, more bricks – still not finished

All houses in the city painted, second arch painted even two trees appeared. Paints are on every inch of canvas so you can think why it is not finished yet? It still need some details which I decided and there were omitted in sketch.

Now I can tell that I decided to give up yellow paint as on sketch. I still think it is very good idea but I do not feel confident with my skills. I am afraid I can destroy effect which I already see. As I wrote some posts before big scale means every mistake is very good seen by everyone who is looking on it. What is more this project is made for home use and that means this painting will be hanging in our living room – everyday I will want to look at something nice without mistakes.

One curiosity – to paint two trees on first plan I used ear buds – it is also easy way to paint detailed trees.

Are you ready to see final effect? …. coming soon

Going big V – stairs, more stairs and some houses

The work is on… from left to right… – that means next step was stairs and more stairs and some houses.

Every day when I start to continue paint I see some details which need to be corrected imediately in previous stage which I thought was ready. These situations prolong time to finish my big project but they are also necessary for the success of this project.

Lots of time I spent with houses’ roofs because I focused on detailes of tiles.

Going big IV – castle, forest and polar bear

Almost half of space on canvas was coverd by paints.

Next progress in my big project is the castle, forest and the bear – strictly polar bear. Bigger scale has a big adventage that all details is easier to catch. On the other hand it is also big disadventage when some detail is made incorrectly you can’t hide it. So every mistake is seen very clearly.

Forest was painted by using fan brush. I like it and use it very often. It is easy way to make nice trees. Adding polar bear gave a little of life to this picture. Don’t you see?

Golden compass

This is my newest acrylic painting inspired tv series “His dark materials”.

Below you can see an alethiometer known as a golden was special thing which could tell the truth to person who can use it. Only few people could do it. In the background you can see aurora which also is connected with this tv series.

I also saw a movie “Golden Compass” and in my opinion tv series is more interested than the movie.

Used media: acrylic painting + black marker. Picture painted on paper size A3.

The Lion King

Lately everybody could see a movie in cinemas “The Lion King” – it is a remake a very popular Disney’s animation movie from 90’s. That was an inspiration to paint as below.

To be honest when I painted it I didn’t see yet the newest movie about this same title.

I think it look nice and in my opinion this is first painting made in 2019 on stretched canvas which I really like. I hope next painting also will be great for me.

I hope you enjoy it.

Size 40×40 cm

Dragon claw

I still try to draw perfect 3d image. I continue fantasy topic and I painted dragon claw escaping from the different world behind the wall. I still work on perfect shadow. I don’t know what’s wrong here but I feel it still doesn’t look great. I still will keep trying.

This painting is made by acrylic paints on paper size A3.

Mechanic path

It lasted long time since my last post but I had lots of changes in my life and lack of time to paint/draw something new. This idea about this painting appeared in my head a few months ago but I every time I changed some details Now it was painted so you can see a result and write some feedbacks in comments.

In the painting you can see a mechanic path made by gears in field of grain. The path leads to a small village at the foot of the mountains. The sun is hiding behind the mountains.

I used acrylic paintings on paper – format A3. Signature is in down right corner. Below you can see this painting in a black frame and some details from the painting.