Sakura trees – part 4 – painting grass and river

Next step – painting grass and meadow on first plan. At the beginning I painted green background and later worked on details on grass.

I started from left side of painting. Small grass from faraway was painted by using fan brush but all visible blade of grass was painted manually and separately using normal very thin brush. It took very long period of time. Also I painted edge of river.

Next I tried to detailed meadow at the front of painting. Here glade of grass need to be larger. I also added some flowers. But it isn’t finished work with meadow. Some of planned flowers will be protruded by the river so I painted river before I finish meadow.

Above you can see painted river. I wanted it was very light. On river ducks are swimming. I also made some color on bridge.

To be continued…

Sakura trees – part 3 – trees

Next part was to paint all cherry blossom trees. At the beginning I painted brown trunks and branches and later white-pink blossoms.

I used brushes to paint blossom but I noticed that effect isn’t satisfied for me, so I found in the Internet smart way to paint it quick and beautifully – I used few cotton buds tight together in spite of brushes. The effect was much better.

I think blossoms look stunning. I just needed to shadow trunks and branches.

To be continued…

Sakura trees – part 2 – painting sky with clouds

After client’s approval I ordered canvas and paints and prepared place to paint. I couldn’t find prepared canvas in size exactly the same as they wanted so I bought little bigger and marked by masking tape necessary size. I could do that because I knew when I end this painting we will relocate it into new frame already installed in client’s home.

This is how it looked. Area between masking tape will be painted.

Next I started painting. I always start from top to bottom, so at first I decided to paint sky with cloud. At the beginning I painted blue sky and left unpainted places for clouds. When sky dried (and it dried fast because it is acrylic), I painted clouds. Effect you can see below:

I think clouds are pretty cool. Next I put first layer under grass and forests hills.

To be continued…

Golden compass

This is my newest acrylic painting inspired tv series “His dark materials”.

Below you can see an alethiometer known as a golden was special thing which could tell the truth to person who can use it. Only few people could do it. In the background you can see aurora which also is connected with this tv series.

I also saw a movie “Golden Compass” and in my opinion tv series is more interested than the movie.

Used media: acrylic painting + black marker. Picture painted on paper size A3.

Newborn metrics

Lots of people have newborn metrics for their babies. So I wanted have it too for my son. On the market you can see many designs to choose and buy, but I wanted to do something on my own – full handmade, not printed. The result of it you can see below.

My son has name Artur. This name comes from celtic language as a joint of two words: Art – bear and ur – young, beautiful. That’s why I painted a little bear.

On the moon I wrote some features of character connected with the name and to be honest all of them match to him. He is active, impatient, shy, dynamic, inventive and he walks its own paths.

Except the name and features of character there is also date of birth, time of birth, weight, height and name of city when he was born.

To create it I used watercolours and pen. All on paper sized A4 and framed.

The Lion King

Lately everybody could see a movie in cinemas “The Lion King” – it is a remake a very popular Disney’s animation movie from 90’s. That was an inspiration to paint as below.

To be honest when I painted it I didn’t see yet the newest movie about this same title.

I think it look nice and in my opinion this is first painting made in 2019 on stretched canvas which I really like. I hope next painting also will be great for me.

I hope you enjoy it.

Size 40×40 cm

Dragon eye and dragon claw

This is the first time when I tried to draw in 3D. I know not everything is perfect, especially a claw is too small in a scale to an eye. But I’m sure I will be still training so I believe next time it will be better. This is also first time when I used watercolour pencils. It was gift from my husband and I had to try them because I am not afraid of using new media.

This drawing is also a preapration for something higher but before I decide to it I have to train a lot.

I hope you like it. If you have some advices or clues, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.