Going big – final effect

My big project is already finished and now you can see result of it.

I think it is enormous!!! It has 180cm x 100 cm, varnished and it is hanging on main wall in living room between two lamps. I look at it every day and I’m proud of myself I finished it and I like it so much.

Do you see some details which I added from previous time? Yes/no? Of course – it is third tree next to gate and people in windows. You thought it is abonded city? Suprise! – it is not, in this fantasy city people live and are happy – probably.

Some question which some people asked me about it and I am happy to answer it:

  1. Why grayscale? It is enormous so maybe colorfull will be better? – Colorfull would be overwhelming. Beside all my home is in black-white-gray colours with some yellow accent so colours was chosen to fit to the apartment.
  2. What polar bear is doing there? – I think this is the question which everyone asks yourself. The answer is – polar bear has a function to the art recipient stopped in front of this painting at the very moment and asked yourself exactly this question. The polar bear make you wonder what about is this art.

If you have more questions about this painting – don’t hesitate to ask.

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