Going big II – Art of planning

The work on image continues. I expected two months of work with this project. Why so long? Well, it is a time consuming hobby + kids + family + other work = nothing is going to be done fast and on time!

I. Planning and look for inspiration

II. Make sketch

III. Prepare tools and materials (paints, canvas, orginize workplace – is not a joke this one! Try to paint on a floor!

IV. Sketch on canvas – resized version of small sketch. Time when little troubles becomes bigger and nastier. This passage wasn’t drawn cleary? Now fill it with some details as it has just became HUGE!

V. The longest and the most exciting part of actual painting. Marvelous process, when your idea is becoming live. Step by step. Starting from clouds, mountains. Moving slowly towards roads and roofs.

Clouds and mountains – near finished

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